As a statewide, member-driven organization, we are committed to a strong and effective advocacy in California’s state capitol on behalf of RV Dealers.

Below you will find legislation that we are currently tracking on behalf of California’s RV industry.

CalRVDA Bill Summary

Monday, June 11, 2018


AB 2026 (Lackey R)   Used vehicle salespersons.
Current Text: Amended: 6/6/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/5/2018
Last Amend: 6/6/2018
Status: 6/6/2018-From committee chair, with author’s amendments: Amend, and re-refer to committee. Read second time, amended, and re-referred to Com. on T. & H.
Location: 5/30/2018-S. T. & H.
Calendar:  6/12/2018  1:30 p.m. – John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203)  SENATE TRANSPORTATION AND HOUSING, BEALL, Chair
Summary: Would, with certain exceptions, prohibit a person licensed as a salesperson from performing the functions of a salesperson for a dealer that sells used vehicles unless he or she has completed the same educational program as the program required for licensed dealers within the previous 3 years, and to provide evidence of completion to his or her employer. The bill would also require the dealer to maintain evidence that all salespersons employed by that dealer are in compliance with this requirement. The bill would also require a dealer to reimburse an employee, as specified, for the cost of training taken during employment.
AB 2061 (Frazier D)   Near-zero-emission and zero-emission vehicles.
Current Text: Amended: 5/25/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/7/2018
Last Amend: 5/25/2018
Status: 6/7/2018-Referred to Com. on T. & H.
Location: 6/7/2018-S. T. & H.
Summary: Would authorize a near-zero-emission vehicle or a zero-emission vehicle, as defined, to exceed axle, tandem, gross, or bridge formula weight limits, up to a 2,000 pound maximum, by an amount equal to the difference between the weight of the vehicle attributable to the fueling and propulsion system carried by that vehicle and the weight of a comparable diesel fueling and propulsion system. The weight limit exceptions authorized by the bill would apply only to the extent expressly authorized by federal law.
AB 2107 (Reyes D)   New Motor Vehicle Board.
Current Text: Amended: 5/25/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/8/2018
Last Amend: 5/25/2018
Status: 6/7/2018-Referred to Coms. on T. & H. and JUD.
Location: 6/7/2018-S. T. & H.
Summary: Current law, until January 1, 2019, authorizes the New Motor Vehicle Board to hear protests by an association challenging the legality of an export or sale-for-resale prohibition policy of a manufacturer, manufacturer branch, distributor, or distributor branch and establishes procedures for hearing those protests, as specified. This bill would extend the operation of the provisions authorizing the board to hear these protests and establishing the hearing procedures indefinitely.
AB 2588 (Chu D)   Manufactured housing.
Current Text: Amended: 5/25/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/15/2018
Last Amend: 5/25/2018
Status: 6/7/2018-Referred to Com. on T. & H.
Location: 6/7/2018-S. T. & H.
Summary: Would require all used manufactured homes, used mobilehomes, and used multifamily manufactured homes that are sold or rented to have a smoke alarm that has been approved and listed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal on or after January 1, 2014. By expanding the scope of a crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
AB 2890 (Ting D)   Land use: accessory dwelling units.
Current Text: Amended: 5/25/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/16/2018
Last Amend: 5/25/2018
Status: 5/31/2018-In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
Location: 5/31/2018-S. RLS.
Summary: The Planning and Zoning Law authorizes a local agency to provide by ordinance for the creation of accessory dwelling units in single-family and multifamily residential zones and sets forth standards the ordinance is required to impose, including, among others, maximum unit size, parking, lot coverage, and height standards. Current law prohibits the ordinance from establishing size requirements for accessory dwelling units that do not permit at least an efficiency unit to be constructed. This bill would prohibit the imposition of lot coverage standards or requirements on minimum lot size, lot coverage, or floor area ratio, and would prohibit an ordinance from establishing size requirements for accessory dwelling units that do not permit at least an 800 square foot unit of at least 16 feet in height to be constructed.
SB 288 (Hernandez D)   Health coverage: small employers.
Current Text: Amended: 5/1/2017   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/9/2017
Last Amend: 5/1/2017
Status: 9/13/2017-Ordered to inactive file on request of Assembly Member Calderon.
Location: 9/13/2017-A. INACTIVE FILE
Summary: Current law requires the California Health Benefit Exchange Board to establish the Small Business Health Options Program, otherwise referred to as the SHOP Program, separate from the activities of the board related to the individual market, to assist qualified small employers in facilitating the enrollment of their employees in qualified health plans offered through the Exchange in the small employer market in a manner consistent with a specified provision of the federal act. This bill would change the name of the SHOP Program to Covered California for Small Business Exchange and make related conforming changes.
SB 744 (Hueso D)   Outdoor advertising: exemption.
Current Text: Amended: 5/3/2017   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/17/2017
Last Amend: 5/3/2017
Status: 7/5/2017-July 5 set for first hearing canceled at the request of author.
Location: 6/12/2017-A. G.O.
Summary: The Outdoor Advertising Act provides for the regulation by the Department of Transportation of advertising displays, as defined, within view of public highways. The act exempts from certain of its provisions advertising displays that advertise the business conducted or services rendered or goods produced or sold on the property upon which the display is placed, as specified. This bill would exempt from those provisions of the act 3 advertising displays located within 1,800 feet of the intersection of Interstate 8 and State Highway Route 111 in the County of Imperial if certain conditions are met.
SB 1130 (Leyva D)   Property tax postponement: residential dwelling: manufactured homes.
Current Text: Amended: 4/18/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/13/2018
Last Amend: 4/18/2018
Status: 5/31/2018-Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 39. Noes 0.) Ordered to the Assembly. In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk.
Location: 5/31/2018-A. DESK
Summary: The Senior Citizens and Disabled Citizens Property Tax Postponement Law authorizes a claimant to file a claim with the Controller to postpone the payment of property taxes that are due on the residential dwelling of the claimant. Current law defines a “residential dwelling” to mean a dwelling occupied as the principal place of residence of the claimant and owned by the claimant, the claimant and spouse, or by the claimant and another individual, as specified, including condominiums that are assessed as realty for local property tax purposes. Current law requires a claimant applying for postponement to file a claim under penalty of perjury with the Controller. This bill would expand the definition of a “residential dwelling” to include manufactured homes, thereby authorizing a claimant who is the owner of a manufactured home to seek postponement of the payment of property taxes under the provisions described above.
SB 1141 (Wilk R)   Consumer protection.
Current Text: Introduced: 2/14/2018   html   pdf
Introduced: 2/14/2018
Status: 2/22/2018-Referred to Com. on RLS.
Location: 2/14/2018-S. RLS.
Summary: Current law, the Tanner Consumer Protection Act, establishes a presumption that a reasonable number of attempts have been made to conform a new motor vehicle to the applicable express warranties if, within 18 months from delivery or 18,000 miles on the odometer, whichever occurs first, one or more specified conditions occur.This bill would make nonsubstantive changes to these provisions.