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As a statewide, member-driven organization we are committed to a strong and effective advocacy in California’s state capitol on behalf of RV Dealers.

  • CalRVDA is the only organization in California representing RV Dealers
  • CalRVDA protects and defends RV dealers in state legislative affairs
  • CalRVDA proactively sponsors new legislation that helps RV dealers
  • CalRVDA aggressively and effectively opposes harmful legislation
  • CalRVDA supports legislation that strengthens the entire RV industry
  • CalRVDA educates government officials about issues of concern to the RV industry
  • CalRVDA testifies in legislative committees and lobbies state legislators and regulators
  • CalRVDA maintains positive and direct links to chiefs of DMV, CHP, NMVB and CalTrans
  • CalRVDA also directly communicates with RVDA, RVIA, CTPA, Good Sam and CMCDA


A business enterprise which is involved in or with the recreation vehicle industry in California in a capacity other than at retail, and which is not required to have a dealer’s license. (Auction houses require dealer’s license.) Annual dues are $249.00 (CalRVDA only).

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To be a Dealer Member of CalRVDA or on out-of-state associate member, you must also be a member of the national association, RVDA. You can visit their website at and click on “BECOME A MEMBER” or call RVDA at 1-888-687-7832 for membership information. Make sure you check the add-on membership for CalRVDA to become a member.